OVER £11,000 has been donated in just one week to a Barnsley woman who is battling cervical cancer.

Jemma Taylor-Cutts was diagnosed with the disease on Christmas Eve in 2012 having had a routine smear test at the age of 25, leaving her with no other choice but to have an hysterectomy.

Air hostess Jemma said: "I thought I was on the road to recovery and was given the best news I could have wished for that the treatment had been a success.

"I took part in the Race For Life and went on a family holiday to celebrate, but my leg was swollen when I got home so I saw my consultant and had more tests."

Jemma - who was assured that she was still all clear - started to rebuild her life with her little boy Alfie and husband Chris, before being told two months later that the cancer had returned.

"My life crumbled," the 27-year-old added. "It had spread to my lymph nodes and I had also developed a secondary tumour which is terminal.

"I was advised to undergo another intensive course of chemotherapy which resulted in me having to leave work. Unfortunately the treatment was ineffective in reducing it."

Jemma now needs to raise £40,000 to access an alternative treatment that isn't available in the UK - and a social media campaign is spearheading the fundraising drive.  

Almost £12,000 has been pledged by well-wishers. Click here for more information.