A CAMPAIGN to install more litter bins has been successful after weeks of complaints about the "overzealous" issuing of litter fines.

Plans to tackle concerns about litter and on-the-spot fines on Wombwell High Street have been set in motion.

Local residents had raised concerns about the issue when community enforcement officers, who can issue £75 fines for dropped litter, began to patrol the High Street area which was largely absent of bins.

But now a new bin has been installed in the area outside Tesco Express and discussions are also in progress to install further bins along the High Street.

Andrew Cole, one of the High Street Committee founders who attended the meeting, said the enforcement officers had been "overzealous" but the situation has now improved.

"We haven't seen as many enforcement officers and we have been told that other bins are on order," he added.

"It's good to see them making a start on it, we are going to give them some time to see what progress they make over the next few weeks."

Coun Dick Wraith said: "We already had a bin on order for the High Street and we have another on order for the bus stop further down on Barnsley Road.

"Looking at it, there will have to be some funding for them because it isn't fair if people are getting fines when there aren't any bins close by.

"We brought the enforcement officers in after people raised concerns about litter. They're part of the solution."