PLANS to create a gypsy camp are to be considered by Barnsley Council.

An application seeks to create 11 pitches as an emergency stopping place for gypsies and travellers on land off Grange Lane, Stairfoot.

The council says it will help solve the problem of unauthorised camps such as the one at Locke Park.

A statement from the council reads: "Barnsley does not have enough official, permanent site provision for gypsies and travellers.

"Over recent years this has resulted in an increase in the number of unauthorised encampments which can cause considerable inconvenience and disruption for members of the public and local businesses.

"The introduction of an emergency stopping place will help to improve the council’s management of unauthorised encampments and particularly so in regard to joint work with the police in this area of activity."

During use, portable facilities for fresh water, toilets and waste disposal will be provided on site for which a charge will be made.

The maximum length of stay will be limited to 14 days and the site would be managed by the council's gypsy and traveller liaison officer.