IT looks much the same as any other Audi Q7 - but this one runs on water.

Coun Phil Davies, who represents Old Town, met representatives of the Bulgarian firm who developed the car's fuel system at a Friends of Fleets meeting in Smithies Lane.

Coun Davies said when he first heard about the water-fuelled car he was sceptical.

But now he says he's confident the car is the real deal - so much so he's now trying to persuade his fellow councillors to trial it.

Phil said: "My aim would be to trial the scheme with a few then all council vehicles, to help put Barnsley’s green credentials on the map.

"The only by-product of hydrogen from water is of course oxygen, so you can actually breathe in from the exhaust fumes.

"The vehicle currently delivers 30 per cent savings on regular fuel bills and there's no road tax to pay."