A TOWN centre chip shop owner has threatened to stop paying his business rates due to persistent roadworks.

David Wood, owner of Woody's in Eldon Street, says that due to the work his takings are down by 25 per cent - and he blames the council.

He says he understands the work is necessary as part of plans to improve the town centre, but he can't work out why it's taking so long.

He said: "The lay-by across from my shop has been closed and cordoned off for weeks.

"In the same time they have demolished the main library, shops and offices along Shambles Street.

"Not only have they demolished the entire site, they've even crushed the bricks and concrete used to build the buildings and got rid of half of the rubble.

"If you look closely they've even began to dig out the foundations for the new college.

"Yet along on Eldon Street they can't seem to finish a car parking bay."

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesman, said: "As we have explained in our communications, there was a delay in receiving deliveries of imported granite kerbs.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but would stress this short-term disruption will be more than outweighed by a town centre that is more attractive to Barnsley residents, businesses and visitors."