CENTENARIAN Nancy Kelly joked that she would like some new legs when she turned 100 last Tuesday.

Nancy, of Christchurch Road, West Melton, marked her century the following day with a surprise party at Brampton Christchurch.

Nancy said: "Turning 100 feels exactly like turning 99 - all I want is some new legs, but they don't sell them.

"I certainly won't have another milestone like this. Every year from this point is just another celebration, not a bigger one."

Nancy worked in domestic services and has lived in the area all her life after growing up on Sandymount Road, Wath.

In 1941 Nancy married her husband, pianist Charles, who has since died. They had one daughter, Elaine.

Nancy loves to read and gets books delivered to her house personally from the librarian. She is also a trained seamstress.

She added: "If I could tell people one thing, I would say to do stuff for the goodness of people and overlook their faults."