A BARNSLEY singer is set to shave his hair off - to raise money for cancer sufferers.

Matt Black, 28, has had first-hand experience of the disease after his mother and grandmother successfully won their battles with breast cancer when he was a teenager.

The singer, who provides vocals for bands Fahran and A Foreigner's Journey, is also starting to lose his hair through a hereditary disease called male pattern baldness.

"It was heartbreaking to see my mum and grandma go through so much pain," Matt said. "Both of them had to undergo gruelling treatment which caused them to feel much worse and also lose their hair.

"Before I lose my hair, I had an idea to make use of my vanity issues by helping others who have real problems."

Matt - who is aiming to raise £1,000 - is over a quarter of the way there and is planning to upload a video of the shave once the target is reached.

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