A 50 METRE high mast which collects weather data is being installed in Brierley, We Are Barnsley can reveal.

Empirica Investments was given permission to build the meteorological mast at Ringstone Hill Farm, Southmoor Road. It will stay in place for one year.

The mast will gather information on wind speed and direction and the data will be used to consider the feasibility of a wind turbine at the site.

Burntwood Court Hotel and Burntwood Sports Ltd objected to the plan as they were extremely concerned about any potential noise pollution generated by a turbine. It also said that - due to being a wedding venue - the potential turbine would affect the visual impact as it would appear of people's wedding photographs.

The council said: "A decision on the mast does not imply a similar decision would be made on any subsequent application for a wind turbine. Each application should be assessed on its merits."

Planning permission for the mast was granted yesterday (March 6.)