ILLEGAL parkers on Racecommon Road and its surrounding areas will be targeted after residents complained to the council.

The Let's Make Racecommon Road Safe group - which has over 1,600 members - have been campaigning to make the town centre road safer.

From 2008, 23 collisions have occurred on the road, with the council saying that 83 per cent of those were perhaps a result of casualties' vision being hampered by on-street parking.

A review of the road's existing waiting restrictions and the need for more being implemented will also be carried out in a bid to protect junctions and improve visibility.

A council report said: "Ongoing concerns for road safety has been expressed by ward councillors and members of the public.

"Barnsley Council will now explore ways of involving the local community in the delivery of pedestrian training into the three local primary schools.

"Our parking services team will consider the area as a hot spot for indiscriminate parking and target it over the next few months."

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