A HORSE in a swamp, a snake trapped in a wall, a bull stuck in a dyke and a kitten stranded in a sewage pipe are just some of the stricken animals firefighters have rescued.

In total there's been 223 animal rescues attended by South Yorkshire's firefighters in the last three years alone.

That figure includes 70 dogs, 44 horses and 32 cats - plus unusual animals including a bat, goose and several hawks.

Of these, 45 happened in Barnsley, with rescues in the last year including Romeo the horse, a cat stuck behind a toilet and a dog with its head wedged in a metal chair.

Fire officers say animal rescues are an established part of the service’s work that’s valued by the communities they serve.

Steve Helps, head of emergency response, said: "Animal rescues are often amongst the most unusual incidents our firefighters attend, but there's no doubt that work like this is greatly valued by local people."