YOU often see some sights in Barnsley's pubs, but punters won't believe their eyes when they see what one boozer's got lined up.

On September 20, the Millers Inn on Dearne Hall Road, Barugh Green, is hosting TV's Shaun Ellis and his hybrid wolf, Peaches.

Shaun - well known for his Channel 5 programmes 'The Wolfman' and 'Mr and Mrs Wolf' - has dedicated his life to the study of the fascinating animals.

Licensee Samantha Corrigan said: "Having Shaun and Peaches join us at the pub is a real privilege.

"It's a real must-see for families and dog lovers in the area. 

"Anyone who is interested in canine behaviour or keen to understand their own dog better would benefit from meeting him."

The event kicks off at 2pm.