A FORMER teacher who was affectionately nicknamed 'Killer' for his fearsome reputation has died at the age of 89.

Eric Cartwright taught thousands of pupils at Penistone Grammar School between 1956 and 1984.

His son Simon, 48, said: "He kept people on the straight and narrow and I know a lot of ex-pupils thought very highly of him.

"He had a reputation to get the naughty kids to toe the line. I think he was quite proud of his nickname, it was more the fear of him than any nastiness.

"He believed in the importance of being respectful and doing the right thing. He was a really good role model.

"He was a proper vocational teacher with old school values and he loved his job and loved mentoring the kids."

On his retirement, Mr Cartwright received a card with a killer whale on the front - because of his nickname - as well as a number of letters from pupils.

He died in Barnsley Hospital on August 29.