TROUBLESOME roadworks are going to take longer than planned - because more work has been added to the contract.

Additional safety works are being carried out on the A635 Lane Head Road at Cawthorne, under a contract Barnsley Council has with local construction company VHE Construction.

The road was already undergoing work to make the retaining wall safe, which was damaged by severe weather earlier this year.

Barnsley Council says its highway engineers took advantage of the road's closure for the works to carry out a detailed inspection of other areas of the adjacent network.

That identified further work being required including the need for repairs to other sections of the road’s retaining walls and new road reconstruction and resurfacing at some locations.

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesman, said: "It makes sense both financially and operationally to add these essential works onto this scheme while the road closure has been put in place."

The additional works mean the road will hopefully now re-open two weeks later than originally planned.