A NEW pilot will see solar photovoltaic panels fitted on two council buildings - to generate power to 18 Regent Street and the Central Library, Shambles Street.

They will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from these buildings as well as reducing energy bills as less electricity will be purchased from the grid.

The pilot will reduce the cost to the council of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme as there is no charge where electricity is self-generated.

It will also allow the council to benefit from the Feed-In-Tariff scheme where it gets a cash incentive for generating electricity from renewable sources.

The panels are being funded by two different methods - the rent a roof scheme and a self funded installation which will allow the council to gather practical-based evidence which help create a future strategy for the installation of solar panels.

Cabinet Spokesperson Coun Alan Gardiner, said: "I am pleased that cabinet has approved the pilots to install solar photovoltaic panels on corporate properties. The central location of the two buildings selected for pilots demonstrates the authority’s commitment to renewable energy and reducing its carbon footprint.

"The pilots will help to tackle the effects of climate change and demonstrate how a low carbon future can bring benefits to the borough; the pilots will help the council to save money in three ways, from reduced energy bills, from the feed-in-tariff and via reductions in the CRC scheme. The lessons learnt from the pilots will help inform the nature of future installations and where practical we hope to install solar panels on additional council buildings."