We Are Barnsley's Facebook page is changing. We've loved the wall for many years with its simple, forum style format but sadly, from March 30th the wall will be no more.

Instead, we will be moved onto a new 'Timeline for Pages' design. We love our little WAB community and we don't want to lose any of you in the transition, so we thought we'd do a user guide to prepare you for the change so you know what to look out for.

1. There will be a cover photo at the top and things like photos, contact tabs and all details about us will be displayed on the top panel rather than down the left hand side as it currently is. Details on 'friends' of the admin account Nicola Hyde (who also like the page) will appear on the top right.

2. The new two column layout means that WABs status updates go on the left first (that does change when you get lower down the page) and on the right is a random scroller that automatically selects any comment made on Facebook about WAB and pulls it in. This would refresh each time you come onto the page.

The great news is that we can make it really obvious what the top stories are on WAB - many users have complained that they have to scroll through pages of posts to find the morning news. Now, we can highlight them for you, so they spread across the width of the page and become more obvious - like this:

3. The third (and most important change) is where your posts will go. We encourage people to write on WAB's wall and that will not change...we want you to keep participating. But, instead of going on the wall itself, under the Timeline your posts will all be popped in a box on the right of our wall which is called 'Posts By Others' - this will be a scrolling box which you can easily navigate through and join in conversations with each other.

4. There will be a new admin panel for us which means we are now notified when you comment and join in on WAB's Wall. And the best thing is you can directly message us straight from the page.

Our personal profile is still active, you can friend it if you want. The Admin for WAB is Nicola Hyde, you can find her here.

We are working on tidying up our wall ready for the timeline change but it would help us if you'd share how you use our wall. Do you check it on your phone? Do you only click on our stories if you see us on your news feed or do you come directly onto WAB to get all the latest news? How often do you check it a day and do you ever share our posts? If not, why not? How can we make it better for you?

Details on Timeline for profiles is below.

It keeps happening: Facebook is forever changing their offering in a bid to keep up with its competitors. The latest round of changes come in on December 21 when your old profile will switch from what it is now, to a swanky (and slightly intimidating) new timeline which looks like this:

At the moment, these changes won't affect pages, so if you follow our page here you shouldn't notice anything different. It's your own profile that will change, and the way you interact with people. The changes were delayed, they were meant to come in in October but were delayed. Here's a round up of the changes - there's been a lot of panic and misunderstanding about this, so here is it in simple terms.


People panicked when this came in because they thought it would mean everyone would be able to see the posts they make. This isn't true. People can only subscribe to the comments you have been made public. So if you've got all your privacy settings set to 'friends only' only your friends will be able to subscribe to your feed. It all depends on your privacy settings - if your settings are wide open (like mine) then anyone can subscribe and see your posts.

This feature was made more for celebrities and public figures - the creator of Facebook has over three million subscribers to his personal profile now and it's a way around the fact that you could previously only have 5,000 friends.

Saying that profiles are only for PERSONAL ACCOUNTS and not businesses. An easy way to check your privacy settings if you aren't sure? When you've made a post on the new timeline you will see a little world underneath it, when you hover over it, it will tell you whether the post is public to subscribers or only to friends.

You are automatically subscribed to all your friends posts, but if you want to subscribe to say, Paris Hilton, without being friends with her, you can. By default it will collect most updates - but you have to change it if you want to get all your friends updates.


Your wall will not exist any more. It becomes a timeline, this is exactly what it says and your friends will be able to scan back along the timeline for as long as your account has been created for. The great news? Those posts you made on your hen night but can't find again without scrolling through three year's worth of posts will be easy to find. Bad news? Those (embarrassing) posts you made on your hen night but can't find again without scrolling through three year's worth of posts will be easy to find. Under the timeline review, you will need to check all your privacy setting again, and it will let you decide whether you will allow people to tag you in photos and so on.

Everyone will not get upgraded on October 4 - it will roll out but it will be coming soon.


The four-strip photo section is gone, replaced with 'a cover.' This is to allow people a quick glimpse into your most prominent photos. Businesses are saying this is a good way to link their personal profiles to their fan pages.


When the profile becomes a timeline, your posts will not be posts any more, they will be stories. They will be displayed on a two column grid. You can spotlight important events in your life by clicking the star. Or you can remove some from the timeline by clicking that tick button and pressing remove.

You can feature, hide and remove things from the timeline. You can even change the date of stories to make older stories more prominent. NB> When you 'feature' something is goes across both columns.


It will say top stories and recent stories - although it is easier to see more recent stories but Facebook will decide what it thinks you would find popular. You have to train it to get to know you. If it is something you aren't interested in you have to click that little triangle in the top left corner of the post.


The great news is that you can share posts from us like you can RETWEET on Twitter. What you do is you click the share beneath our posts. This does two things: it tells your friends what you are interested in, and it also tells Facebook that you are interested in We Are Barnsley and want to keep seeing stuff from us. If you don't already 'like' us, do so now, that will tell Facebook again that you want to keep hearing from WAB. The best way to keep us as a top story in your news feed, is to keep using our page :-)


When you upgrade to timeline, you'll have seven days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see it. You can also choose to publish your timeline at any time during the review period. If you decide to wait, your timeline will go live automatically after seven days. Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there.

Hope this helps: if you have any questions please ask them on this page not on Facebook (fan pages don't have a timeline facility so we can't search back!)