HEALTH officers are warning locals against a new trend of tattoo parties after someone advertised them on Facebook.

Last week Barnsley Regulatory Services found an illegal tattooist advertising tattoo parties on Facebook. He was advised to stop the activity in an attempt to protect the public.

Barnsley Council have issued a health warning and it claims many Barnsley doctors and the hospital has to step in to treat infections caused by tattoos.

A spokesman said: "Some like hepatitis are life threatening, others cause the skin to be scarred or disfigured for life. "Being tattooed in your own home can increase the risk of infection and if done in someone else’s home can increase the risk still further. Add a few friends, their pets, children, alcoholic drinks, and an unregulated tattooist and you are asking for trouble." Coun Roy Miller added: “We would advise that people should only have a tattoo applied in a registered tattooist’s shop. Barnsley is the cheapest place in the region to register to become a tattooist or skin piercer so there is no reason for tattoo artists to be unregistered unless they know that they cannot comply with the hygiene and safety requirements."