AN X FACTOR hopeful from Barnsley has blasted the show's producers - for trying to make her look "weird".

Kelsey Ellison, who specialises in singing Korean and Japanese pop songs, was so unhappy with her X Factor experience she has posted a 10-minute video rant on YouTube.

Kelsey, 22, from High Balk, successfully came through a private audition with producers who asked her to sing in Korean.

But during her second audition at Wembley in front of Simon Cowell, the celebrity judges and an audience of 5,000, she was questioned why she sang in Korean and told she was auditioning in the wrong country.

She also claims she had no time to prepare, was left outside in the cold for hours, there was no sound check and, because there were no monitors, she could not hear herself sing over the backing track.

Kelsey's manager has now written to the show's producers asking for the footage not to be shown.

"I signed a contract so they can use whatever they want and that worries me a lot," she said.

"They made me look like a fool in front of 5,000 people.

"The X Factor experience has knocked me back in confidence with singing and with myself.

"Basically they made a mockery out of me."