A MIDWIFE has been accused of providing inadequate care to a pregnant woman at Barnsley Hospital.

Maria Anne Ellis - who has now resigned - allegedly failed to monitor the baby's heartbeat during labour and did not ask for help when she was unable to deliver.

At a hearing in London, the panel heard Mrs Ellis had been a midwife for more than 28 years and joined Barnsley Hospital in November 1984.

On May 10, 2012, her patient had undergone induction of labour in the morning and requested a bath.

She went into the final stages of labour while in the bath and was unable to get out. Mrs Ellis and two colleagues delivered the baby in the bath at 6.46pm.

There were no records of examinations and no recording of the baby's heartbeat for almost three hours.

A spokesman for Barnsley Hospital said: "Although no harm came to the baby as a result of the incident in question, we would like to apologise for any distress that these events caused the family.

"We will be taking the results of the hearing very seriously and will take on board any recommendations that are made to us to minimise the chances of any similar incidents happening again."

The case has been adjourned and is expected to resume on September 17.