A BARNSLEY Hospital midwife has been hailed as the instigator of the ice bucket challenge in the UK.

At the beginning of August, 40-year-old Paula Maguire and her husband Robert, 45, caught wind of an awareness and fundraising initiative that was happening in the USA.

People were filming themselves pouring buckets of ice water over themselves and donating money to the ALS Association, an American charity raising funds for motor neurone disease research.

Paula - who is is already a supporter of the MND Association - has raised over £12,000 for them in the past and decided to set up a Just Giving page.

Once Paula and her husband’s videos were uploaded, they quickly went viral and were shared by thousands.

Paula’s modest target of £500 was soon surpassed and within a few days hundreds of thousands had been donated.

Now, the amount is rapidly approaching the £4 million barrier.

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