A DEVOTED cat lover flew 10,000 miles back to Barnsley when she heard her beloved pet had gone missing.

Chloe Brown, 24, was travelling through Asia when she got the news that Saffron had disappeared.

She immediately cut short her travel plans, changed her plane tickets and headed back to Barnsley to search for the three-year-old cat.

But searching and appeals on every kind of social media, Saffron has still not been found.

Chloe has recently started to hand deliver 5,000 leaflets she has had specially printed in the desperate hope she can find her much-loved pet.

Saffron and her brother Apollo were being looked after in Corporation Street while she went on her travels, but Chloe thinks Saffron may have left the area and will have tried head home – to her house in Poplar Grove, Lundwood.

"Some people may think I'm overreacting, but she is a family member to me so I'm prepared to spend any amount of time or money to find her," Chloe said.

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