A BULGARIAN student has said Barnsley is among the friendliest, most tolerant and welcoming places in the world.

Miry Kostadinov, 21, says he has been met with "nothing but kindness" since he came to the town to study art at University Campus Barnsley.

Now graduated, Miry plans to set up a business making lamps from handmade paper and welded wire-frame sculptures, an art he mastered as part of his degree.

Most of his creations are abstract shapes to be used as wall or table lamps, but his biggest work to date was a three-metre-tall bird, which had been for sale at £850.

But Miry has chosen to return the kindness of Barnsley people by donating it to be displayed at Barnsley Hospice instead.

"I see it as a bird of light, it kind of reminds me of the phoenix," he said. "Light can be soothing. I hope they like it, and who knows, maybe it can be a comfort to people."