A BARNSLEY woman did things a little differently for her 40th wedding anniversary - and donated her kidney to her ill husband.

Lynne Allott, 59, has given John, 62, his life back after a long battle with renal failure.

John suffers from nephritic syndrome which badly affected his kidney function, and over the years his condition grew progressively worse.

He needed to travel to hospital three time each week for dialysis just to keep him alive.

Then after after a series of tests John was given a ray of hope.

It came when surgeons told him that, thanks to modern anti-rejection drugs, there was match for a transplant.

And the match was his wife of 40 years.

Their only daughter, Jane Price, 30, says both parents are now doing remarkably well.

She said: "The day of the operation was very long and stressful for us all.

"Mum was in theatre for four hours and then dad from 1pm until 4.30pm.

"But I'm delighted to say everything has turned out so wonderfully well."