DARFIELD'S infamous peacock has been returned to his owner!

The bird - called Blue - has been rampaging through the Springbank Road area, tearing up gardens and scaring children.

Having made its way to nearby Church Street, it was there where 72-year-old Bert Beaumont cornered the peacock and returned him to owner Stuart Allott, of Billingley.

Bert said: "My wife Jenny laid a trail of corn into the garden shed and by the evening Blue had followed the trail and was in the shed eating the corn.

"I crept up and closed the door and Blue's summer holiday was over."

Bert contacted the RSPCA who put him in touch with Stuart to reunite him with his hen and chick.

Local resident Debbie Thawley, 35, had complained the peacock had been scaring her 20-month-old daughter Maisie.

She said: "We have been to the zoo this week - can guess what the first exhibit contained?

"We don't consider peacocks to be exotic birds any longer. We have them in Darfield."