A MAN who was in a confrontation about cigarettes whipped out his penis and told a hostel worker to "smoke this" has been fined £105.

Brett Jobling, 35, had his penis in his hand for four or five seconds during the row in a kitchen at Holden House, said Julie Grant, prosecuting, at Barnsley Magistrates' Court.

She said the kitchen is a no smoking area and the worker confronted Jobling and two others because there was a smell of cigarette smoke.

"Mr Jobling put his hand down his shorts and got his penis out and said 'smoke this'," Ms Grant said.

"Mr Jobling clenched his fist and the worker fled to an office. Mr Jobling banged on the door and swore."

Jobling, who admitted exposing himself, was ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £20 victim surcharge.