A BARNSLEY MP has asked residents for their opinions on a number of issues including zero hours contracts, wages and immigration.

The online survey, which is open to residents living in Michael Dugher's Barnsley East constituency, has been launched by the MP and invites constituents to voice their thoughts on the matters.

He said: "Since 2010, working people are £1,600 a year worse off, net migration has increased, there are three times as many zero-hour contract jobs, a record number of people in part-time work because they can’t get the hours, long-term youth unemployment has soared and more people are low paid and in insecure work.

"That's why this survey is so important. I want to hear the views of the people of Barnsley East and find out how they think we should address the big problems with our economy.

"Listening to as many people as possible is by far the best way to help understand what we need to make our economy work."

What do you think? Click here to take part in the survey.