PARENTS are to be given support and advice on simple skills such as boiling an egg as part of a new approach to tackle childhood obesity.

The council's ruling cabinet and public health team agreed that parents need more help to cook healthier meals.

"We do need to try and help people lose weight," council leader Sir Steve Houghton said. "There are a lot of very simple, practical things we can do as a council to bring people together and support families to eat more healthily.

"Some of the stuff is literally boiling an egg here - we're talking about very simple skills just to get by, which clearly some families haven't got."

It was revealed earlier this year that children in Barnsley are getting fatter as they get older, with figures showing more than a fifth of children aged ten to 11 are classed as obese.

That is the equivalent of 21.7 per cent of year six children.