A MAJOR revamp of Hoyland will see the demolition of its town hall building.

Hoyland Town Hall and the Co-op supermarket under it will go, along with the former Duke Street health centre, which will be flattened to make way for an 80-space car park.

The town's market will also be moved, initially to Duke Street and then relocated to the former town hall site.

The current market is expected to make way for a Lidl supermarket and car park.

The closure and demolition of the town hall will save the council about £72,000 a year in running costs.

But the council, which owns much of the land, will also put in £500,000 from the sale of its assets to kick-start the scheme, and help acquire the bits of land not under the council's ownership.

It is not yet known whether the Co-op will be part of the scheme.