ALMOST 400 fines were issued by Barnsley Council to parents who took their children out of school for a term-time holiday.

The 396 fines, handed out from September 2013 to July 2014, represents an increase from last year's figure of 332.

Almost 64,000 fines have been issued across the country since the law changed in September 2013, which is a rise of around 70 per cent.

The changes have drawn stern criticism from parents, who attempt to reduce the bill of taking their kids on holiday by opting for cheaper, out-of-season months.

The initial £60 per parent per child fine rises to £120 if it's not paid within 21 days.

A council spokesperson said: "The 2013-14 figures will not be finalised until they are completed and submitted to the government in late October.

"It is likely that the figure will be lower than stated currently as a result of consideration and processing of individual cases."

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