CONTROVERSIAL plans for more than 2,000 homes between Barugh Green and Pogmoor will be available for people to view.

House builder Strata and planning consultants Spawforths are hosting a consultation at Barugh Green Club on July 8, as they prepare the 'Barnsley West' masterplan.

The site - which sits between Barugh Green, Pogmoor, Higham and Gawber - could accommodate space for 1,500 private and 170 affordable homes.

The consultation will provide people with the chance to look at the plans, ask questions and make comments.

Residents opposed to the proposals have formed the Keep It Green 2014 group, who are concerned about the 'destruction' of the greenbelt, loss of identity, flood risk, pollution, loss of wildlife habitat, disruption, devaluation of property and loss of privacy.

Member Ian Preddy said: "The council said it has a duty to consult stakeholders, but a key section of the population - residents potentially affected - are being ignored, once again."

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