BARNSLEY Council has been working with experts from Manchester Metropolitan University to reverse the decline of the town's high street businesses.

The £250,000 scheme involves 10 towns across the country and aims to help build resilience and adaptability into traditional British retail centres, which have faced a range of unprecedented challenges in recent years.

Barnsley was chosen to pilot a new research method to analyse change in the high street, developed by experts from the university.

It was found that around a third of the factors that impact upon high street performance can be managed locally.

The project's lead researcher, Professor Cathy Parker, chairwoman of Retail and Marketing Enterprise at MMU, said: "What's important is that locations understand what they can influence - and prioritise the actions that will have the most positive impact.

"In the case of Barnsley, a lot can be achieved by the retailers working together with town centre services and other stakeholders to improve the customer experience."

Attracting new retailers and development, making a better customer experience, tackling anti-social behaviour across the town centre and better marketing and promotion were discussed.

Barnsley town centre manager Anne Untisz said: "We now need to use this to engage with more retailers to drive forward a valuable and achievable action plan."

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