A REWARD of £500 has been offered following the latest spate of vandalism in a Barnsley park.

The Royston ward alliance has put up the money for anyone who comes forward with information leading to the identification of the perpetrators.

At the village's gala last Sunday, the Barnsley Metropolitan Band had to perform on the grass as the stand was not safe due to the damage to the roof, which Coun Tracey Cheetham said was "just not the same".

She said: "The damage was definitely caused over the weekend.

"The stand was fine on Friday, and then when we went down to the gala on Sunday the roof had been smashed in.

"The stand has been vandalised before, and has since been repaired, but this can't keep happening.

"All the people who come to these events are the people that are being hurt by this sort of behaviour."

The ward alliance has urged anyone who knows anything about the acts of vandalism to contact the police.