HAVE you noticed that you're using your data allowance on your phone quicker than usual? Well, it's because Facebook has changed its settings so videos automatically play in your news feed. Here's our WAB Guide on how to stop it.

On an iPhone, go into your settings and click the Facebook app icon. Then, on its own settings, select 'Auto play on Wi-Fi only'. This will then reduce the amount of data you use and, hopefully, prolong your internet usage and save a few quid in the long run.

On a desktop/laptop, go to the little triangle at the top right of your Facebook account. Go to 'Settings', find the 'Videos' option and click on it. Then, simply move the slider to 'Off'.

On Android, go into 'App Settings' and do the same.

On Samsung, while you're logged into Facebook press the left button next to the home key on the phone. Select 'Settings' and it comes up with the auto play option.