A SECOND specialist domestic abuse worker will be set on by the council to help protect people who have been subjected to the crime.

Barnsley Council has approved £64,000 to contribute towards services to support victims, including recruiting a domestic violence worker from Pathways, the town's only support centre for victims.

It will bring the number of Pathways-commissioned domestic abuse staff working for the council to two for 2014/15. The council funds approved will cover the costs of both posts.

Tackling domestic abuse is one of the council's key priorities as part of its aims to improve the life chances of children and young people in the borough.

A council report says no child should have to be victim or witness to domestic abuse and 'improving the quality and effectiveness of safeguarding' is a key area emerging from an Ofsted improvement plan.

The report states: "Domestic abuse and its impact on young people is an issue in Barnsley and, without this resource, there is a risk that families requiring help may not all get the support they need to overcome the problem."