TOP slimmer Grace Peacock is beaming after shedding eight stone in a year.

Grace was 18 stone and size 22 a little over 12 months ago, but a mixture of healthy eating and regular exercise has seen her shrink to a dainty ten stone and a size ten.

The 21-year-old, from Wombwell, says she needed to take the drastic action after a terrifying health check-up.

She said: "I knew it was time to act in February last year because I had been classed as morbidly obese and I was told it was likely to affect my chances of having children.

"I used to comfort eat and have three or four takeaways a week. I could eat Sunday dinners for two or three people and did not ever feel full.

"I joined Slimming World in Royston and it's been a hard long process, but I reached my ten stone target.

"I've tried to lift the eight stone or so that I've lost in weights and I couldn't shift it. It's amazing to think I was carrying it around with me."

Grace, who is engaged to Daniel, her boyfriend of seven years, says her achievements have given her more confidence.