THE multi-storey car park and semi-open market will be flattened as part of the redevelopment of the town centre.

The Jumble Lane level crossing could also be confined to history, replaced by a raised walkway. 

There will also be a large public square, with outdoor stalls and space for concerts and 'big screen' events, and a new 'grand entrance' into the indoor market, possibly including a glass canopy.

The £41 million redevelopment plans were announced in January but latest developments have only just been revealed.

Council chiefs want to make Barnsley more like it was in the 1960s, with better pedestrian routes through the town with better access to the market.

Coun Roy Miller, spokesman for development, said the plans were progressing well and feedback from traders and shoppers consulted was excellent.

He said: "We've got the money, we're in a position to go ahead and get this done. We will achieve a better Barnsley."

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