POLICE in Barnsley have issued a warning to private and trade vehicle sellers following two thefts in a 24-hour period.

On May 29, a man came to view a 36-year-old woman's white Ford Fiesta which had been advertised on an online sales site.

He attended at her address on Abbots Road, Lundwood, and looked around the car. He asked if he could sit in the driver's seat, and then asked if the engine could be started as he wanted to check that the car's rear parking sensors worked.

The woman started the engine but kept a foot on the doorsill. The man then sped off in the car with the woman holding on to the side, travelling at speed for about five metres until she lost her grip.

A day later, a white Ford Transit minibus was stolen from a dealership on Pontefract Road.

A man asked to take the minibus for a test drive, so a female member of staff accompanied him on the drive but on returning to the dealership, he dragged her out of the vehicle and sped off.

DC Kate Fullwood said: "Fortunately the women were not seriously injured but they are both incredibly shaken and upset by the incidents.

"I would urge anyone selling any type of vehicle to be vigilant and alert, and to report any suspicious activity immediately to the police."

Anyone with information should call the police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, quoting incident number 686 of May 29 or 272 of May 30, 2014.