A MAN was taken from Mandela Gardens in an ambulance three days in a row last week after collapsing after consuming legal highs.

Eight other people were moved on from the area after they were found to be smoking a legal high which was linked to the death of a Dodworth man.

Six, who had also been smoking the substance, had been asked to move on the previous day.

PC Leanne Reis said: "People are being moved on (from Mandela Gardens on) a daily basis. We have ambulances called there regularly and there is a handful of individuals who are there daily.

"One man said he finds legal highs quite addictive and if he doesn't take them for a day or two, he feels like he's rattling.

"He's there nearly every day and last week was taken off in an ambulance on three consecutive days.

"We were down there on Tuesday and there were four girls sitting on a bench, eyes glazed over and speech slurred but they couldn't be moved on because they weren't doing anything antisocial."