SECOND hand sports kit is being sought for a young Barnsley lad who lost both his parents last year.

The 12-year-old, from Stairfoot, now lives with his grandfather and has joined the Faith In Football team which meets in Kendray.

Mike Mather, his mentor, said: "This lad has had it tough - he was going off the rails a bit but his granddad is using football as a reward and he's really improving.

"The problem is that he didn't want to come in the first place, he was a bit embarrassed because a lot of the other kids have top of the line trainers and his have holes in.

"We'd be grateful for any help for this lad at all, some trainers would do him - I'm sure there's lots of folk out there with kids who have grown out of stuff and we'd really appreciate some help for him. He'd appreciate anything that hasn't got holes in I think because he's at that age where he notices stuff like that and I think he was a bit embarrassed."

The boy is a shoe size 5.5 and is needing some shoes suitable for astro-turf. He would also appreciate any sports kit, tracksuits.

Anyone who can help please contact Mike here.