A VILLAGE notorious for speeding vehicles could see its speed camera relocated following a meeting between a councillor and Barnsley Council’s highways department.

Thurgoland is subject to regular speed checks by police and calls have been made to move the camera from the middle of the village further down Halifax Road to outside Thorpe’s garage, on the way to Wortley.

Penistone East Coun Robert Barnard has spoken to council officers about the issue and said the council will now write to the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership asking for the camera to move.

“It’s not traffic approaching the traffic lights (in the centre of the village where the camera currently is) that’s the problem, it’s the speeding up leaving the village," he said.

“I’m keen to see it happen. Highways see no problem with it, subject to there being a suitable power supply.

“We’ve already had one serious accident and we could have more. I just wish we could bring this thing about more quickly.”

The speed limit outside Thorpe's garage is 30mph, the same limit as in the centre of Thurgoland where the camera is currently located.