TWO football fans completed a five-year journey on Sunday when they visited the 92nd and final Football League ground in the country.

Former Royston man Mark Dyson, who now lives in Daventry, and friend Ollie Warne have been on their travels ever since the idea was formed when they were sat in a pub in 2009.

In awe of Ollie's dad's trips to football grounds across the country, the two friends have since been on a mission to visit all 92 stadiums that make up the English professional league system.

On Sunday, that came to an end at Fulham's Craven Cottage.

"We've consumed a lot of pies and a lot of beer," said Mark, 29. "We've clocked up well over 15,000 miles criss-crossing the country." 

The final journey - on foot - was an arduous walk from Barnsley's Oakwell to southwest London. The 180-mile trip took over six days to complete.

Mark and Ollie, 27, have also raised over £2,500 for the Lennox Children's Cancer Fund on their way.

"We chose Fulham as our last destination as it is one of the few historic stadiums left in English football," Mark added. "They are closely linked with their local community and that is true of the charity, too."

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