THE next round of council budget cuts are to be debated at a meeting tomorrow amid news that people will be asked to step in and help maintain their own communities.

Cuts to front-line council services are being considered as part of the next round of budget cuts from Barnsley Council after it was told it has to cut £24m from its budget over the next three years.

A list of suggested changes has been made that include the Mi Card travel pass (which costs £2 million-a-year) and reductions in front line services like grass cutting, dog wardens and litter collections.

The report suggests cutting the dog wardens to just one post to deal with the 1,100 customer requests received each year and reducing the Trading Standards team in terms of consumer advice – which could impact on rogue traders and things like under age sales of alcohol, tobacco and fireworks.

It also suggests cutting back the number of staff who maintain and inspect headstones in cemeteries to make sure they are safe; reduce grass cutting schedules and reduce the frequency for collecting litter and cleaning streets.

But the report also says Barnsley people will have to take more responsibility for their communities and take on some roles that had previously been offered by the council.

The report said: “Last year the council spent £1.5 million clearing up other people’s litter. At a time of severe service cuts it’s worth thinking how that money could have been better spent.

“Local communities could also organise local “clear up” campaigns of community land and again organise or join local Friends Groups.”

The meeting will be held tomorrow.