A MEDICAL team from Barnsley Hospital completed the Sheffield Half Marathon and raised £1,500 - despite the event officially being cancelled.

The team, who all work on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), included doctors Sughrat Siddiqui, Tim Wenham, Pete Claydon, Joanne Butterworth, Becky Morris and nurse Sarah Ashton.

The money raised will be put towards purchasing a specialist mobile chair, which will improve the quality of life for patients in ICU.

Patients on the unit often end up staying there for long periods of time, and so it's hoped the chair will allow them to have a change of scenery and see daylight.

Dr Siddiqui said: "Despite the late cancellation of the event, and two of us getting injured on the day, we felt as a team we would run anyway as we had too many people depending on us to complete the race.

"We felt very fortunate that the police allowed us all to continue to run and had a wonderful day despite the adversity."

Officials - who cancelled the race minutes before thousands were due to start - said water supplies hadn't arrived in time but that didn't stop the runners continuing.

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