MORE than 60 Barnsley residents have signed up to be good neighbours as part of a new scheme to help in adverse weather.

They are expected to mobilise in bad weather and are given grit and shovels from the council and asked to keep footpaths and minor roads clear of snow.

Coun Roy Miller said: “I’m pleased that people are getting on board with the Good Neighbour scheme and I’m sure their communities will be very grateful for their dedication should snow fall.

“Barnsley Council can only cover about 48 percent of its road and footway network, so there are many locations, such as minor roads, some bus routes and particularly cul-de-sacs and other areas of residential estates where the council cannot provide a service. If the Good Neighbours can assist in clearing these areas then residents will be able to get back to their normal routines quicker.”

Training sessions are now taking place across the borough for those who have signed up to the Good Neighbours scheme.