POLICE community safety officers have been around primary schools in the borough, reminding children about stranger danger. Inspector Julie Mitchell revealed that it has been done as a precaution after an incident was reported last Monday evening. It follows reports in January of two seperate incidents of children being approached by people they did not know - the first one was in the Cudworth area and the second was in the South Hiendley area. Inspector Mitchell issued a statement informing parents on her Facebook page. She said: "An incident was reported after a girl was walking home from High View Primary in Wombwell. The girl was approached by a man who offered her lemonade. The man's identity is not known. "As a precaution, PCSOs have been around primary schools to remind children regarding 'Stranger Danger'. My advice is that parents need to remind their children to not talk to strangers and to report anyone acting suspiciously. "Sensible, practical advice to young people will go a long way to keep them safe. Walking in groups, telling someone where they are going, who with and what time they will arrive. In reality, sinister incidents are few and far between, so we have to keep things in perspective and not unduly frighten our kids." Inspector Julie Mitchell is on Twitter, she can be found @BAInspector.