WE Are Barnsley has been invited to take part in a council meeting to discuss the impact of future budget cuts - and whether our community understands the challenges ahead.

Next week, a scrutiny commission - made up of councillors and experts - will debate the challenges facing Barnsley amid the budget cuts and consider whether communities fully understand the changes that are coming their way.

We Are Barnsley journalist Nicola Hyde will be an expert witness at the debate, presenting over 300 comments and views made by users on the WAB website and on Facebook.

She said: "It's a real honour to be asked to represent our WAB community in such a way and debate how media, like ours, can help people keep informed of what's going on in our home town.

"I'm compiling a list of evidence to take with me, so if anyone has anything they want me to include, I'd happily use it. I'm specifically going to be talking about whether people understand the impact of the budget cuts and whether they think websites like ours are valuable in informing them of what's going on."

Nicky will appear in front of councillors alongside Barnsley Chronicle editor Andrew Harrod and Bob Williams, the head of communications for Barnsley Council.

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The original report WAB did on the budget cuts can be found here.