A BARNSLEY mum has issued a warning to other parents after her young daughter was allegedly asked to meet up by an adult posing as a child on a popular website.

Movie Star Planet, which has been labelled 'dangerous' by concerned parents around the country, describes its service as a 'safe, creative and social online playground for children'.

Ruth Zoldan, 32, has urged parents to be more alert to the dangers of innocent-looking online game sites having discovered that her young daughter was approached by someone to meet up.

"My daughter got a message from someone who appeared to be a child to meet up, so obviously the alarm bells started to ring. It is so easy for people to sign up to and they are then free to join in on the chat rooms.

"I have asked work colleagues about the site and they have stopped their kids using the website due to experiencing similar incidents. Other parents need to be made aware of this site before something bad happens."

A council spokesman said: "Parents and guardians must take responsibility for monitoring closely their child or children's activity on the internet, including their use of social media sites, and intervene where necessary.

"Where there is suspicion of an adult posing as a young person, this should be reported immediately to the police for investigation."