A GUNMAN who sparked a three-hour siege after terrorising police with an air rifle has failed to convince top judges he was harshly punished.

James Wright, 21, peppered officers with shots, London's Appeal Court heard, in a futile attempt to stage his own suicide.

Wright clambered onto a garage roof at his home in Cutty Lane, Barnsley, in June last year, before letting off volleys of shots from the air rifle at officers clad in full riot gear.

He wounded two officers - one in the arm and the other in the finger - and shouted down: "I've got one shot - it's for me or the first copper that steps on this roof."

He told investigators: "I was shooting at the coppers because I wanted them to shoot back and kill me."

Wright was jailed for four years and eight months at Sheffield Crown Court in November after he admitted possessing an imitation firearm, two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and having a knife.

His case reached the Appeal Court as his lawyers argued that his sentence was over the top.

But Judge Peter Lakin said: "Over the space of three hours, he was involved in a stand-off with police during which, on a number of occasions, he fired an air rifle in their direction.

"More than six police officers were put at risk and two were struck by pellets, causing unpleasant injuries.

"A substantial prison sentence was appropriate, and his sentence was neither wrong in principle nor manifestly excessive."