A BARNSLEY man who is fighting a terminal brain tumour dolled himself up in make-up to highlight a month-long awareness campaign.

Karl Martin, 35, of Park Meadows, Shafton, noticed lots of women were posting photos online of themselves wearing no make-up as part of a breast cancer campaign and decided to do the reverse.

Father-of-two Karl, who was told four years ago that he had 18 months to live, said: "I have days where I'm fine, and days where I'm really down. I was having a down day and I spotted that there were all these pictures popping up on Facebook in aid of breast cancer.

"March is brain tumour awareness month, so I asked Lauren, my wife, to put some make-up on me so I could put the photo on for people to see.

"It was just a bit of fun, but straight away my cousin posted one back of him with make-up on too, and then on Wednesday morning one of my old pals from school did the same."

He has raised £18,000 during five years of fundraising and hopes to get to £20,000. For more information, click here.