BARNSLEY Council's new changes to the way you recycle will save £700,000 per year.

The all-new white bag scheme, which has drawn a lot of criticism from disgruntled residents, came in on March 1 and has seen residents flocking to We Are Barnsley to complain.

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesman for development, environment and culture, has defended the council's recycling changes.

He said: "The Environment Agency need us to collect garden waste and cardboard separately, because of the way these materials are recycled. We needed to make this change to collections in the most cost effective way, while improving our collection service.

"The cost of giving every household a recycling sack is £100,000, compared with a cost of £1.8 million to give every household an extra recycling bin.

"The changes will save £700,000 per year. That’s equivalent to around 30 jobs, and goes towards the £26 million savings we have to make over the next two years in response to government cuts."

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