PARENTS will march this evening to protest against two under-threat children's centres.

Wath Victoria and Cortonwood children's centres are threatened with closure as a result of government cuts to Rotherham Council's child care service budget.

A meeting at Wath Comprehensive School will decide their fate, and parents are planning on marching from the Wath centre to the school.

Melissa Stevenson, 21, of Chapel Avenue, Brampton, has gone door-to-door to rally support.

She said: "I've got 100 people to sign a petition from just knocking on doors and a Facebook page quickly got more than 100 people supporting it.

"We live in a low income area and there's a lot of people who don't have jobs. Whoever has made the decision clearly has not visited our area if they think this isn't needy.

"We know we are unlikely to save the centre but we have to at least try."

This evening's public meeting starts at 6pm and council officers will be there to anwer questions. The initial proposal would see the existing 22 centres in the borough reduced to just seven.